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Alsons Consolidated Resouces, Inc. (ACR) is a publicly-listed holding company that is majority-owned by the Alcantara Family through Alsons Corporation. ACR’s core interests are in energy and power generation, property development, and product distribution.

ACR’s investment in the Energy and Power business is concentrated in three power generation companies namely; Northern Mindanao Power Corporation (NMPC), Western Mindanao Power Corporation (WMPC), and Southern Philippines Power Corporation (SPPC). These companies are all located in Mindanao and have a current aggregate generating capacity of 190MW. ACR’s investments in these companies are through two holding firms namely; Conal Holdings Corporation (Conal) and Alsing Power Holdings, Inc. (Alsing).

ACR also has a wholly-owned subsidiary, Alsons Power International Limited, a British Virgin Island-registered company which handles the development of the power plant projects of ACR.

The Group’s Product Distribution business is conducted primarily through its 80.44%-owned subsidiary, Market Developers, (MADE) Inc. MADE presently markets plywood, wall panels, and industrial products. It is 80% owned by ACR and 20% by the Alcantara Family.

ACR is also engaged in the Property Development business through its subsidiary, Alsons Land Corporation (ALC). Established on November 25, 1994, ALC is primarily involved in two major enterprises, the first is a 72-hole golf course development with a residential component called the “Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club” and the second is a 440 hectare industrial estate, otherwise known as the “Lima Technology Center”.

Aside from marketing its golf and residential products, ALC, together with its subsidiary, Alsons Steel Forming Division is exploring the possibility of developing other types of housing products in the areas adjacent to its existing projects both in Cavite and Batangas and maximizing use of its remaining land holdings.

The Agribusiness Unit or ABU of the Alcantara Group consists of four companies; SACI, AAC, FHI and ARC. Sarangani Agricultural Company, Inc. (SACI) was established in 1962 to manage the Family’s interests in cattle breeding and fruit production. It is fully owned by the Alcantara Family. Alsons Aquaculture Corporation (AAC) is the main aquaculture company of the Alcantara Group. It was established in 1997 and began commercial operations in 1998. Its main products are milkfish, tilapia, prawns, seabass, pomfret and processed milkfish products. Finfish Hatcheries, Inc. (FHI) was organized in 1996 and is engaged in the production of milkfish fry and fingerlings of other high-value fish species such as pomfret, seabass, grouper, etc. FHI is targeting to produce 500 M milkfish fry for the year 2000, roughly 30% of domestic requirement. Aquasur Resources Corp. (ARC) is in-charge of marketing AAC and FHI aquaculture products in Manila and Iloilo. It is engaged in research work for the Alcantara’s interests in aquaculture. Aqua Sur is 95% owned by Aldevinco and 5% by the Alcantara family.


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Alsons Group's Western Mindanao Power Garners Two Industrial Safety Awards. 11-12-2013

The Alsons Power Group's Western Mindanao Power Corp. (WMPC) recently garnered two major industrial awards from the Saftey Organization of the Philippines, Inc. (SOPI) at the 46th National Industrial Convention held in Cagayan de Oro last month.