Support Companies

Alsons Insurance Brokers Corporation

  • Date Established:

Alsons Insurance Brokers Corporation was incorporated in 1972. Initially AIBC was organized to package and service the various complex insurance needs of its affliates within the Alcantara Group. Since then, AIBC has grown to provide life and non- life insurance coverage for corporate and individual accounts. Today, their Client list has grown to include some of the top corporations and illustrious individuals in the country. With the right guiding principles and a strong determination to reach their goals, it its not surprising to see how successful AIBC has been in their chosen field.

ACR Mining Corporation

  • Date Established: 1962

ACR, Through ACR Mining Corp., has a Joint Venture with Austrilia's Indophil Resources int the Manat Mining Project. The project , which already has an MPSA and covers 1,547.32 ha, is located in the Masara Mining District in Compostella Valley Province.

Having explored the area, Indophil was able to secure a JORC - compliant resource estimate of 2.7M tons containing 2.8g/t of gold, 26g/t of silver, 0.85% lead and 1.58% zinc.

This resource contains an in-situ 245,000oz gold, 2.28Moz silver, 22,500t lead and 42,000t zinc. Further exploration to increase resource estimates are planned in 2011.

Alsons/ AWS Information Systems, Inc.

  • Date Established: 1999

Is a leading offshore IT outsourcing services provider of software development services, with operations based in Japan and Philippines. AWS is engaged in Business Applications and Systems Development; Embedded Software, Firmware & Device Driver Development; Product Assurance and Verification; and System Maintenance, Management and Administration.

Is a diversified, Filipino-owned conglomerate (Alcantara Group) of more than 25 companies. The group’s interests span a wide range of industries including energy and power, property development, aquaculture and agribusiness, timber products and mining.

Conal Corporation

  • Date Established:

CONAL CORPORATION (CONAL), on the other hand was organized to serve as Group’s management services company. CONAL looks after the corporate interests of the companies within the Group by servicing their legal, corporate, audit, human resources development, accounting and treasury requirements and by providing them with management, administrative, technical, financial, planning, and business development services. With CONAL, the Group fosters stronger inter-company ties and also ensures that its companies are equally and consistently managed under the highest of standards.

Alsons Security Company, Inc.

  • Date Established:



Alsons Group's Western Mindanao Power Garners Two Industrial Safety Awards. 11-12-2013

The Alsons Power Group's Western Mindanao Power Corp. (WMPC) recently garnered two major industrial awards from the Saftey Organization of the Philippines, Inc. (SOPI) at the 46th National Industrial Convention held in Cagayan de Oro last month.